6 reasons why you should buy your security door locally

6 reasons why you should buy your security door locally

Burglary rates are constantly increasing in Australia, therefore it is integral that you find the best way to secure your home and the safety of your family.  Your home security choices define whether an intruder may select your home or another easier target.  This is why you need to install a reliable security door.

Have you ever thought  “Are security doors really that effective?” In this article, we will discuss some useful tips that you might want to consider when choosing a security door. We tell you how you can be sure you are getting the best value for your money by choosing the right security door for your needs.

1) Choose Australian-Made Security Doors

Before choosing your security door, you will need to establish whether it is made overseas or in Australia. While you may find that imported security doors are cheaper, there are many reasons why it’s more beneficial to choose a locally made door. Imported doors cannot match the quality of Australian made.  You will also find little if any warranty applies. Buying locally you can be reassured should you experience issues with your door the matter would be attended to promptly, whereas if you purchase your door from an overseas supplier you may have a higher risk of issues and experience longer delays in resolution.

2) Australian Standards

The supplier can manufacture a security door the cheap way or the quality way. The reality is that many businesses cut corners to reduce their expenses. There are suppliers who use inferior or substandard materials when manufacturing their products which may cause issues and complications later on.

If you want to ensure that you’re purchasing a security door made with quality materials, your best bet would be to check the certifications of your supplier. Certified security doors meet Australian Standards for quality and strength, and have passed impact, anti-jemmy, knife shear and fire tests.

Alpha Screens and Glass only manufacure security doors that have been tested and approved to Australian Standards AS5041-2003.

3) Powder Coated Doors offer more Corrosion Protection than paint

There are differences between a painted door and a powder coated door.  It is advisable to choose a powder coated product.  Paint does not hold efficiently with the heat of the sun, and as a painted door is not heat resistant, more maintenance may be required.

Security door manufacturers usually powder coat the material after subjecting it to a hot dip galvanization process. This process of powder coating provides anti-corrosive qualities, however, it doesn’t always mean that the powder coating will stay intact for the years to come.

The life of the powder coating depends on the environment the door is exposed to. For example, if you live in a coastal area, the atmosphere, as well as the salt carried by the wind, could compromise  the powder coating over time. As long as you properly maintain your powder coated door, you can ensure that it will stay corrosion resistant for many years.

4) Handles and Locks from Good Brands

Quality handles and locks are part of good security doors. Therefore when considering your purchase of a security door, choose a supplier that offers componentry of quality brands. If you are not confident about the quality of the brand ask for more information from your supplier.

5) Choose a Design that Suits your Home

When you make an investment in your security door you are hoping to have that door for a long time so it is important to choose the door that looks great with your home and also gives you confidence that you will feel more secure.  Your door is one of the first elements that people see. At Alpha Screens and Glass we can offer you a range of designs and colours to compliment your home so that your door does not create a prison but enhances the look of your home.

6) Have your Security Door Customised

You will find that many ready-made security doors online are in general, cheaper than those purchased physically. However, remember that you mostly get what you pay for, and often, a cheap product provides cheap quality.

If you choose a door that has been custom made for your home, you can be reassured of its quality.  As your security door supplier, Alpha Screens only use experienced trades people who will take accurate measurements and after listening to your requirements we will advise you of the safest options to meet your budget and needs.

We are ready to assist.  Call now 07 5493 975 or email us at alpha@alphascreens.com.au