security doors to prevent crime

Do Security Doors Actually Prevent Crime?

Often times the thought of home security is neglected until after a crime has taken place. The aftermath is ruminating on steps that could have been taken to prevent property crime initially. This is one reason security doors are becoming … Read more

close up security screen black diamond grille mesh - security screen installation sunshine coast- Alpha Screens

How to Choose the Right Security Screen

If you’re looking for a security screen, the experts at Alpha Screens & Glass are here to help. When you’re at home with your family, you want to know that you are all safe, especially when you’re sleeping. At the … Read more

Glass shower screen - shower screen installation - Alpha Screens & Glass Sunshine Coast

Choosing a Glass Shower Screen for Your Bathroom

When it comes to interior fixtures and fittings, it’s surprising how many people forget to think about shower screens. In fact, for most modern homes, a shower screen is an invaluable part of the furniture. There are other ways of … Read more