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COVID-19 Driving Increase in Home Security

Why COVID-19 has led to an increase in home security on the Sunshine Coast

There’s never been more of a need to increase your home security than now – here’s how!

According to the ABC Sunshine Coast, while there’s been a drop in alcohol-fuelled assaults, there’s been a  spike in property crime during the COVID-19 pandemic. Statistically, Australian homes are broken into with a rate of one burglary every three minutes, and during the last few months, new figures released show these numbers are on the rise.

 While the Gold Coast has seen a more significant spike with offences increasing to 6 per cent from 2017-18, across the whole of Queensland the increase has been 3.7 per cent.

Alpha Screens & Glass Director Lance Bucknall believes there are a few mistakes residents make where they can be targeted by home invaders and right now is the time to tighten up on home security.

Here’s our top tips on how to decrease your chances of a home break-in.

Security doors

One of the first observations made by burglars is the lack of security measures around a property. Security doors are your first defence against intruders, but not all doors are created equally. Read on about the benefits of our Invisi-Gard security doors.

Secure your second level windows

Many homes are poorly secured, but even more, homes leave the upper levels of a home with minimal security making entry an easy opportunity for home invaders. Mesh safety screens are a great way to add protection and keep insects out. Diamond Grille safety screens or 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel are options to think about for added security.

Install an alarm system

The best way to avoid break-ins is to have as many deterrents as possible. By installing a working alarm system, censored lights, grilled windows and doors and even a barking dog or could be enough of a deterrent for a burglar to skip your house and go elsewhere.

Think about garage and patio doors

If your garage is attached to the central part of your home and it’s not secured correctly, this can be an easy way to gain access to your home. Patios doors are also often overlooked in home security plans. You might also consider installing them on garage doors that lead into the house as well as patio doors that offer access to the interior of your home.

Consider checking your locks

If you’ve recently purchased a new home, you may want to consider updating the locks as there’s a big difference between a single lock and a triple lock (3 point lock) system on your doors and windows. Another tip is to check if your external doors are of solid construction and not hollow as this is also a factor to consider with your lock system choices.

Any of our staff are happy to discuss your needs for security screens and doors. Call Alpha Screens & Glass today.

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