Do Security Doors Actually Prevent Crime?

Often times the thought of home security is neglected until after a crime has taken place. The aftermath is ruminating on steps that could have been taken to prevent property crime initially.

This is one reason security doors are becoming more popular throughout Sunshine Coast – as a sense of preemptive defence on crime and blanket of security for the whole family.

As security doors are becoming a more popular investment, it is important to understand the significance they play on breaking the crime cycle.

The Statistics

Nearly half of the households in Australia that experienced attempted break-ins noted damage to their doors and windows. With strong materials like stainless steel and innovative clamp technology, security screens like Alpha Screens Ulltra Safe Safety Screen Doors provide a barrier to would-be intruders to protect your valuables.

Australia has seen a steady decrease in home burglaries each year, which was explained through a 2015 study conducted by police detainees guilty of breaking and entering homes.

From this insight, the report noted potential causes for the decrease in property crime, which improved security among home owners accounted for 31% of the decrease.

Furthermore, the detainees identified the main areas for targeting a premise as visibility and attractiveness of the property. Installing screen doors with visible security mesh thus provides an obvious signal to potential burglars that homes are difficult to break into, limiting the opportunity for crime.

Notable mistakes made by residents that indicated a higher probability to be targeted for burglary include doors and windows left open, minimal security, and false security systems.

By utilising the functionality of security doors with clamping systems, property crime is prevented and minimised.

Documented deterrents for the burglars include barking dog, a working alarm system, censored lights, and grilled windows and doors.

By installing security doors, you are demonstrating secure measures to deter criminals from your home.

One of the initial observations made by burglars is the lack of security measures around a property.

From these statistics and gathered information, effective security screens are obvious deterrents to protect homes and lessen the impact of crime rate around the neighbourhood. Evidently, the installation of security screens provides a favourable defence for homes.

Providing a range of colours and materials to suit individual taste, the team at Alpha Screens prioritises the effectiveness of securing homes with quality security screens.

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Secure your home from potential intruders and provide a comfortable level of security to your family today!

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