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Pet Doors and Security Screens

Our Guide To Pet Doors And Security Screens

One of the most common questions we get at Alpha Screes is “can I put a pet door in my security screen?”

For many Sunshine Coast families it’s a fair question. You want to keep intruders away from your home at any cost, but at the same time you know that your pets be able to come and go from your home whenever necessary.

Put simply, you can install a pet door in your security screen, but there will be a few things you’ll have to consider in order to get the most out of your security screens on the Sunshine Coast.

If you want advice about making use of a pet door, then Alpha Screens and Glass can offer you some advice.

Are pet doors safe?

If you want to fit specialist Security screens to your home, then you are doing so because you want to protect your interior. It seems almost counterintuitive to then install a pet door inside the screen. Will it give any access to your home to intruders? This will depend on both the size of the pet door, as well as where it’s installed.

How big a pet door do you need?

It’s important that any cuts or modifications to your security door are done by a professional. This is because any DIY modifications will likely void the warranty. It’s also important to note that under Australian Security Standards, once a pet door is installed it’s no longer considered a “security door”, even for small pet doors.  

Install foam edging

Your pet door is likely to come with a foam insert which will fit around the edge of the door, holding it securely in place. If you are not sure about the security of this process, then speak to Alpha Screens and Glass about this stage.

Choosing the right door to install

At Alpha Screens & Glass, we offer a range of pet doors to choose.  Pet doors can be colour matched to your existing door. This means that your pet door will blend into your existing security screen and you won’t have to worry about your pet door being made from weaker materials.

Seek help from our team

If you Would like to install pet doors in your security screens on the Sunshine Coast, then speak to Alpha Screens and Glass today.  You can even bring your pet in for a trial in our showroom. Simply contact us online or call us on 07-5493-9875 now.

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