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What kinds of pests do fly screens stop?

What Other Pesky Intruders Do Fly Screens Keep Out Of Your Home?

Installing fly screens on the Sunshine Coast is an excellent addition to any home. They provide an effective way to keep flying insects out while still offering optimal airflow.

But while fly screens are designed to keep one specific type of insect out, What kinds of pests do fly screens stop beyond what you’d expect? We’ve answered some of your questions below:

Do fly screens keep spiders out?

Australia’s climate makes us a unique melting pot of some of the world’s most venomous spiders. So, it’s only natural that you’ll want all the protection you can get to keep creepy crawlies at bay.

In most cases, fly screens will keep spiders outside your home, leaving you free of eight-legged visitors. However, it’s worth noting that spiders a notorious for finding the smallest gaps and spaces to enter your home. So while your fly screen is doing its job properly, it’s still important to check your home now and then for these unwelcome visitors.

Can fly screens keep bees and wasps out?

Bees and wasps tend to be on the larger side, so fly screens are the perfect way to prevent these insects from accessing your home.

More often than not, stinging insects are far more likely to attack when under threat. By keeping them outside where they belong, you’re far less likely to get stung, and they’re free to enjoy the great outdoors.

Do fly screens stop mosquitoes and midges?

Mosquitos and midges can be minuscule in size, but provided you have a fine mesh for your fly screens, you can keep the biting terrors at bay. A good-quality fly screen will keep skeeters away from you and your family throughout the day while still offering airflow. That’s the best of both worlds.

Can fly screen keep ants away?

Ants often access homes via windows and doors, so a well-fitted fly screen can do a lot to stop them from getting in. If you have an ant problem already in the home, fly screens won’t do much – but if you want to prevent repeat incidents, investing in insect screens is a good call.

How effective are fly screens for flies?

As the name suggests, flies and fly screens are the perfect match. While flies aren’t harmful, they are annoying, unhygienic, and fly screens do an excellent job keeping them at bay. If you’re struggling with flies in your home, investing in a good quality fly screen might be exactly the solution.

Do fly screens stop bigger pests?

Flyscreens are great for smaller pests, but what about bigger intruders? With a security fly screen, your home isn’t just protected from Australian creepy crawlies.

Rats, mice, possums and even snakes can’t get through a well-constructed security screen.

So if you’re concerned about bigger pests, investing in a good-quality security screen is a great idea. At Alpha Screens, we supply high-quality fly and security screens across the Sunshine Coast.

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