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Why You Can’t Install Flyscreens on Second Story Windows

Thinking Of Adding Flyscreens To Your Second Story Windows? You May Need To Think Again

Here at Alpha Screens and Glass, we offer products that are not only perfect for your home but safe and secure.

We would like to inform you of the potential dangers of flyscreens that are installed at the second-storey level and thus demonstrate the importance of installing security screens instead.

The danger of flyscreens: They do not prevent falls from windows

Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of flyscreens, especially when used above the first-storey level, is that they are not strong enough to withstand and prevent a person, especially not smaller children, from falling through them and injuring themselves.

A report from The Children’s Hospital, Westmead, stated that an increasing number of children are admitted as a result of falling from windows and balconies, which have resulted in serious injury and sometimes, sadly, death.

How the NCC wants to prevent this

In an attempt to prevent this, the NCC (the National Construction Code) now requires protection for openable windows in childhood centres and in bedrooms where the floor below is more than 2m high.

This protection is required in residential buildings, meaning that all houses, apartments and hotels are included in this requirement.

Their requirement specifies that second-storey windows must be fitted with a restrictive device that prevents the easy opening of a window, or they must be fitted with a suitable screen that will not allow a young child’s head to pass through – they specify 125mm in their report.

Another specification of these suitable screens is that they can withstand an outward force of 250N, meaning that a child cannot physically generate enough force to break through the window.

As a direct result of this report from the NCC, which was curated from research about the risks of second-storey windows and doors, flyscreens are not suitable for windows or doors that are over 2m from the surface below.

The NCC report also highlights that the installation of greater security screens and windows does not affect the requirements of natural ventilation or any energy efficiency provisions.

Our security screens and windows

At Alpha Screens and Glass, we have a wide array of security screens and windows that allow you to remain compliant with the requirements of the NCC, whilst still remaining stylish.

Our security screens and windows use strong and secure materials, such as stainless steel and strong aluminium grilles that increase and maintain your security and the safety of your home.

As well as the security screens and windows being durable, they also have long-lasting technology and a vast range of colours so that they can be designed to blend into your modern home aesthetic with longevity.

Explore our range of security screens and windows on our website.

As we have mentioned, safety is hugely important at Alpha Screens and Glass, which is why we have a fantastic range of security screens and windows available for your home.

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