Choosing a Glass Shower Screen for Your Bathroom

When it comes to interior fixtures and fittings, it’s surprising how many people forget to think about shower screens.

In fact, for most modern homes, a shower screen is an invaluable part of the furniture.

There are other ways of protecting your privacy and your bathroom’s floor, but shower screens often come out top.

Glass shower screens in particular provide an excellent mix of practicality and good looks.

They are tough, stylish and can be changed relatively easily in expert hands. The glass shower screens Sunshine Coast homeowners want come in a number of designs, which should please just about everybody.

Flexible Fittings

Glass is perfect for shower screens for a number of reasons.

Its stability means it can be moved in and out of position easily, if that’s what’s required.

Some bathrooms don’t have the space to house a shower cubicle which stays in place all the time.

Quite often, it’s more practical to move a screen around when showering, and move it out of the way when finished.

There are several designs of moveable glass shower screens. Some start at the edge of a bath, for instance, giving protection from there upwards.

Others are full length screens, which keep water in from floor to ceiling. Versions of these full length screens come in bi-fold designs, which fully enclose the shower area.

Which one is best will usually depend on how much space is available.

So, glass screens work whether there’s a bath as part of the shower, or it’s a discreet unit.

Depending on preference, or maybe who’s using the bathroom, a fixed or moveable screen might be best.

Children’s fingers can get caught in hinges, for example, so parents with young families might prefer fixed screens.

Detailed Choices

There are other choices to make in the glass shower screens Sunshine Coast families love. Framed, semi-framed or frameless is one of them.

Glass screens in general make bathrooms look as big as possible, as they are both transparent and reflective. This means all of the room is visible, and the screens act like mirrors, which makes rooms look bigger.

For the minimalist look, many people prefer frameless screens. These give an almost completely clear line of sight, opening the bathroom up as much as possible.

Others like a semi-framed look, with metal fittings reflecting the light. As bathrooms are shiny places anyway, gleaming steel surfaces add to the super clean atmosphere.

Finally, there’s the choice of clear, frosted and / or artistic. The frosted look is both traditional and chic, offering at least some privacy. Artistic designs which mix both frosted and clear, meanwhile, can add real character to a bathroom.

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