Fly screens Sunshine Coast

​Fly screens and insect screens are a must for every household.

They ensure the insects stay out whilst still letting the fresh air in, without blocking your view. The standard fibreglass mesh is cheap and easily replaced if it gets damaged, making fly screens the most cost-effective way to keep insects out for people who do not need security. Standard fly screens are also very affordable and are a lot cheaper than security.

Fly Screen Doors & Window Screens

Mesh options include:

  • PVC Coated Woven Fibreglass – Standard option
  • Paw Proof Mesh – Stronger, thicker woven mesh with an acrylic coating to withstand clawing pets
  • Aluminium Mesh – Level 1 (Medium) bushfire protection
  • Stainless Steel Mesh – Level 2 (High) bushfire protection
  • ​One-way Vision Mesh – Designed to increase privacy
  • Midgee Mesh – A tighter fibreglass weave that stops small midgees, sand-flies and other similar insects

Benefits Of Fly Screens on the Sunshine Coast

Fly screens are one the most popular door and screen accessories amongst Australian households. But they do more than just block out annoying and unwanted insect guests, they allow natural light and fresh air into your home. Some of the main benefits of fly screens include:

  • Increase Natural Light. Compared to traditional doors, flyscreens allow for more light into your home, adding a sense of space as well as saving energy.
  • Increase Air Flow. Due to their mesh design, fly screens allow for more natural air to flow through your home, keeping the air inside fresh and increasing ventilation.
  • Additional Security. Most modern fly screen mesh is now made from far stronger materials than traditional screens, providing your home with an additional layer of protection.


Mesh flys screen Sunshine Coast

Alpha Mesh Fly Screen

​Alpha Mesh Fly Screens are a perforated aluminium mesh, which is one of the latest innovations in the screening industry.

This style of security screen mesh is a perforated, 1.6mm hardened aluminium flat sheet designed to protect your home from pests and intruders without blocking the view.

Alpha Mesh security screens allow your home to look modern and fresh as there is no need for grilles or crossbars, whilst also providing a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel products.

Alpha Mesh is durable and resistant to corrosion as well as being easy to clean and maintain.

Decorative Screen - Privacy Screen - patio enclosures sunshine coast

Privacy Sreens

For Alfrescos, Patios, Verandahs, Pergolas & More!

Do you want to add some privacy to an outdoor area that you can choose when to open and when you want to make the most of the sunshine?

Privacy screens allow you to do just that! With so many designs to choose from, we can install feature privacy screens for your outdoor or pool area so that you can have extra privacy from your neighbours when you want it.

Alpha Screens & Glass’ privacy screens add value to your home!

*Please Note: Regulations must be followed when dealing with structures surrounding pool areas, which may affect the available options.

Colonial casting fly screen Sunshine Coast

Colonial Castings

– Designer Screens

Colonial Castings Designer Screens are door panels are made from gravity die-cast aluminium, a material known for its durability and strength, and are secured to aluminium frames by rivets or welding.

Panels are available in pre-set patterns which can’t be changed or altered.

These doors offer a unique designer look for those who prefer a screen door which is different from others which are on the market. The strength and security are comparable with the Diamond Grille Screen Doors, offering a basic level of security with the option of single or triple locking systems.

You will find below the various patterns in the range.

We install fly screens for a variety of windows and doors around the home. This includes a range of door types such as fly screens for french doors, patio doors, and sliding doors as well as various window designs including for louvre windows, outward opening windows and traditional windows.

Fibreglass flyscreens are popular as they do not corrode as much as some types of metal flyscreens. However, they can stretch and tear more easily. By contrast, aluminium flyscreens are especially durable and longer-lasting, yet can bend under certain strains. In comparison, stainless steel flyscreens are considered stronger than aluminium, and more appropriate for areas prone to bushfires. 

With retractable fly screens, insect screen mesh can be rolled into a cassette that is fitted either horizontally or vertically. In this sense, they work much in the same way as a roller blind.