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Now offering a range of colours, sliding or hinged options as well as your choice of locking systems.

Stylish & Durable Security Doors

UltraSafe Safety Screen Door

Invisi-Gard Safety Doors

Stainless steel security screens provide the most effective security in comparison to other screening products on the market.

Stainless steel screen doors have become increasingly popular as they look like a flyscreen, but have the strength of stainless steel. This means that your view is not obscured by crossbars or the like and you can rest assured that these screens have consistently surpassed Australian Standards testing.

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Long-Lasting Technology

Alpha Screens & Glass uses innovative Clamp technology which ensures that the stainless steel mesh and aluminium frame are firmly secured without coming into contact, preventing galvanic corrosion, which occurs when dissimilar metals contact.

The black powder coating used on these products is designed to resist corrosion which makes it perfect for all applications, indoors and out, as well as cutting down the reflection of light which allows you to see more clearly through it.

Effective Security with stainless steel doors

As stainless steel products are top-of-the-range, they are approximately twice the cost of 7mm Diamond Grilles.

In saying this, many people choose to have stainless steel screens installed on the most accessible doors and windows, such as those at the front of the house, and for screening their entertaining areas.

For bedrooms and other rooms in the home, they may opt for 7mm Diamond Grilles to save overall costs.

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Diamond Grille Safety Doors

Diamond grille safety screens are the classic and most cost-effective way to increase the security of your home.

The strong aluminium grille acts as a visual barrier to deter intruders and are lined with flyscreen mesh (or any other mesh as specified in the flyscreen section) to keep your home insect-free. This thick, heavy-duty aluminium grille provides the basic level of security as well as allowing free airflow, unrestricted vision and low maintenance.

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Wide Range of colours

Many people no longer like the look of the diamond grille, but their budget may restrict them from buying stainless steel. If this sounds like you, don’t be too worried. Now you have the choice of having a different coloured frame and grille so that your screens ​have a more modern appearance.

Most of our customers are now choosing to have black grilles fitted to frames which are colour matched to their window frames. Our eyes are said to “see-through” black easier, so a black grilles stand out less than coloured grilles, which is why all flyscreen and other meshes are also made black.

Diamond grilles don’t have to be tacky, instead, they can be given a  modern appearance – adding value to your home.

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