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Shower Screens & Mirrors Sunshine Coast

Glass Shower Screen Installation

Alpha Screens & Glass provides a wide range of shower screens to match your bathroom’s aesthetic perfectly. Our professional installers work to your specification to create tailored screens for you.

We stock all types of shower screens, including frameless screens, fully framed screens and everything in between. We make our screens to measure, ensuring a superb fit and professional installation every time.

With a range of colours and glass types, Alpha Screens & Glass can provide you with a shower screen to compliment your home. All shower screens and bath enclosures are individually measured and custom made to fit perfectly to every application. ​​

frameless shower screen - shower screens Sunshine Coast

Frameless & Fixed panel Shower Screens

Frameless shower screens are a popular choice for new homes. With only a single length of bright silver channel or clips fixing the panel to the wall, they are ideal for homeowners wanting to achieve a streamlined appearance for their bathroom or ensuite.

Made from durable toughened glass, our range of frameless shower screens allows more light to travel through your room to provide a bigger feel to the bathroom. Our frameless shower screens can perfectly blend into a range of aesthetics and interior designs, offering a minimalist appearance.

Semi frameless shower screens

Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

Semi-frameless shower screens use minimal framing offering a stylish yet cost-effective alternative to frameless screens.

Featuring a frame around the main perimeter – but not the actual door – of the shower screen, semi-frameless shower screens are a decent alternative to a more expensive frameless shower. Achieve an elegant, minimalist look without breaking the bank with our semi-frameless shower screens.

Fully framed shower screens

Fully Framed Shower Screens

Fully framed shower screens are the most economical type of shower screen on the market. Modern options include pivot doors or a 2, 3, 4 door slider to maximise the space in a small bathroom.

For a more traditional look, our collection of fully framed shower screens offers a classic aesthetic to your bathroom. Our fully framed shower screens offer simplicity and versatility to match your bathroom’s look with simple, elegant designs and a very reasonable price tag.

Frameless shower screens

We provide a professional shower screen installation

If you are considering a new shower screen for your home, you can trust our specialists at Alpha Screens & Glass to help you find the right one. With over 40 years of industry experience, we provide professional service and support, with the right advice through to the completion of your project.

Our work is bespoke, and our screens are made to measure, guaranteeing a perfect fit that will work perfectly in your bathroom. With a massive range of styles and materials to choose from, we can even help you match your current aesthetic.

Shower Room Shower Screen

Why choose Alpha Screens & Glass for your shower screen?

Our services at Alpha Screens & Glass are highly regarded across the Sunshine Coast, having provided our expertise to happy clients for over 40 years. When working with us, you can expect a tailored service where we work closely with you to provide support, advice and professionalism with every step of the way.

With our huge collection of quality shower screens and professional advice, through to our bespoke installation services, you can be confident working with Alpha Screens & Glass will be a rewarding and successful experience.

Bathroom mirror installation - shower screens Sunshine Coast


We offer all types of installations for modern and contemporary homes

  • Framed bathroom mirrors
  • Frameless bathroom mirrors
  • Wardrobe mirrors
  • Vinyl backed safety mirror
  • Gym mirrors, Yoga, Dance studio mirrors
  • Mirrored splashbacks

Frequently asked questions

Are frameless shower screens safe?

Our frameless shower screens are constructed using tempered glass that is normally a little thicker than normal. This makes for a screen that is just as safe and strong as a framed screen.

Are shower screens hard to clean?

Shower screens tend to have a large surface area that makes them easy to clean. When cleaning around the edges, be sure to remove any trapped soap or grime. There are special cleaners available too that, whilst not essential, make cleaning your shower screen a breeze.

Why is my shower screen leaking?

Possibly it could be as simple as the shower door needing adjustment or the silicone seal needing replacement.  The most common reason for shower screen leaks is an ageing screen rubber seal. Whilst these can be replaced, changing the rubber seals on a shower is quite labour intensive as it could mean totally dismantling the shower and remaking it which is twice as labour intensive as making a new one and if the glass isn’t looking too good then sometimes a new shower screen is the better option for value in the longer term.  

Are frameless shower screens a good option for my bathroom?

If you want a contemporary, attractive aesthetic in your bathroom, a frameless shower screen provides similar functionality as a conventional screen, with a sleeker, more modern look. Its frameless nature provides a beautiful expanse of glass that adds a stunning accent to any bathroom.

Frameless shower screens are made of toughened glass and have durable fixings, which means they will last for years and offer great value.

Do frameless shower screens leak?

In a word, no! A frameless shower screen is fitted in the same way as a traditional screen. Some screens are lined up precisely with the floor, with the silver channel that’s fitted at the bottom of many frameless options whilst some panels are siliconed directly to the floor, providing a close fit. This reduces the chances of leaks, ensuring you’ll get years of leak-free performance from most frameless shower screens. There are very small gaps in the hinges and on the sides of the door that may allow water through if direct water pressure is pointed at the hinged area. However, careful planning can usually avoid this from occurring.

How much is a framed shower door?

The price of a framed shower door varies, depending on several factors. Some of the price considerations that can affect the cost of the shower screens Sunshine Coast homeowners buy are the size of the door, what type of glass is used, what type of fixings are required, and how long it’s likely to take to install the door. If you’re looking for an economical solution, a Sunshine Coast installer can usually suggest some suitable options.

How much does it cost to install a shower screen?

In much the same way that the price of a shower door varies, installation costs are also dependent on several variables. The type of shower screen required, for example, can make a big difference to the price. Tricky fitting locations may attract an installation premium. If you require specialist fixings, or the location requires preparatory work before the new screen is installed, these considerations will also affect the installation price.

Do you sell shower screen parts?

We do keep a selection of parts in stock, most of which we tend to use to repair or refurbish shower screens on a case-by-case basis. If you’ve got a problem with your shower screen, it’s usually better to call a professional and ask for their opinion on the best course of action. In some cases, it may be more appropriate to replace the entire panel, rather than attempt a repair with new accessories.

Do you sell Stegbar and Bradnams shower screen parts?

Yes! We stock parts for popular brands such as Denmac, G James, Stegbar and Bradnams are a few of our go-to manufacturers when it comes to premium-grade parts. Our selection of parts includes window and door locks, window rollers and door rollers. If you can’t see the part you’re looking for on our site, get in touch and we’ll be happy to order it in for you, or come up with a suitable alternative that will work for your current bathroom shower screen.

Our Glass Services

Glass kitchen splashback - Glass Sunshine Coast, QLD

Glass Splashbacks

Whether it be for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry – Alpha Screens and Glass can supply and install 6 mm toughened splashbacks in either clear toughened glass, Starphire toughened glass or toughened mirror shield glass. If you choose a 6 mm clear toughened or 6 mm sapphire toughened splashback, you can choose any colour from the Dulux range. 

Glass tabletop - Alpha Screens & Glass Sunshine Coast

Glass Tabletops

Glass tabletops to compliment any dining table or coffee table or produce a replacement for a damaged glass table.

Any size or shape can be produced including simple circles, squares or rectangles or somewhat more complex shapes such as ovals, hexagons or other unusual designs.

frame pictures resting against the wall - Alpha Screens & Glass Sunshine Coast

Picture Glass

We offer picture glass in 2mm clear or 2mm non-reflective glass for those special prints you want to protect. Available in many different sizes to suit your needs.

Smashed glass door - Alpha Screens & Glass Sunshine Coast

Window Glass Replacement

Whether you are looking for glass repair, glass replacement including louvre blades or installation by one of our qualified glaziers will help you to choose the right solution for your location and situation.

Broken or shattered glass? Give Alpha a call now!

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