102mm Louvre Blades on a window in a sunshine coast home

What are louvred windows?

Louvred windows consist of a frame, filled with slats of glass, known as louvres. The louvres can be tilted through 90 degrees. 

When fully open, the louvred window operates in much the same way as an open window, although the slats are still in place. 

When shut, a louvred window has all the security and weather resistance that a conventional window has.


What are the benefits of louvred windows?

  1. The main advantages of louvred windows are that they can provide security and privacy at the same time as allowing in natural light and air.

2. Once installed, louvre windows are a durable, robust fixture that difficult to remove or tamper with because each slat is fixed securely in place. Unauthorised individuals can’t climb through the window, even when it’s fully open.

3. When the slats are in the open position, virtually the same amount of fresh air and sunlight enter your interior as if you’d got a conventional window open.

4. A further advantage of louvres is that they can be tilted at a range of angles. If open a small amount, they allow fresh air and light to enter, at the same time as protecting privacy. The tilt can be varied, depending on how much light the room’s occupants require.

5. When shut, a louvred window offers a good level of heat and sound insulation, improving energy efficiency in the home.

With so many advantages, louvred windows are a great option for any home.

glass louvre window is installed on a balcony of a home in the Sunshine Coast

Why use Alpha Screens & Glass to supply and fit my louvred windows?

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Louvred windows FAQs

Are louvred windows air-tight when they're closed?

Yes! When fully closed and locked into position, a louvred window operates in the same way as a conventional window.

Can louvred windows be installed on any property?

Yes! Louvred windows can be installed anywhere that a conventional window can be installed.

Are louvred windows safe to fit in a child's bedroom?

Whilst we urge parents to supervise children around any type of window, the fixed louvre slats ensure that a child can’t try to climb through the window. The operating mechanism can also be child-proofed.

Are louvred windows expensive?

Louvred windows aren’t significantly more expensive than other types of windows. If you want to save money on your louvre windows, we can provide a competitive quote.

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