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How Security Screens Protect Vulnerable Australians

For Older Australians, Security Screens Are Ideal For Protection, Style & Safety

Older Australians remain one of the most vulnerable groups when it comes to burglary and crime in the home. Fear of crime in particular is a critical concern of many older residents.

As well as support for elderly victims in dealing with physical and emotional impacts of crime, there are a range of products available to assist elderly feel comfortable and safe in their own homes. One of these is security screens.

Security screens on the Sunshine Coast are an especially popular choice among older residents due to both their key safety features as well as the huge range of styles and benefits on offer. Find out why so many Sunshine Coast locals choose security screens for their homes.

Benefits of Security Screens For Older Australians

As a popular target for burglars, elderly Australians need to be vigilant when it comes to home security. But on the Sunshine Coast in particular, security screens and doors have a raft of benefits for older members of the community beyond just added protection from potential intruders.

Improved Safety & Protection

The biggest benefit of security screens are in the name- security! As you get older, a safe and comfortable living space is a must. Too often elderly residents are seen as easy targets and experiencing a break-in can be a traumatic experience.

With security screens, you won’t have to worry though. Our Invisi-Gard safety screen doors are one of the most secure products available on the market. We also offer diamond grille safety screens, which according to budget direct, are one of the most effective methods of deterring burglars.

We can install durable locks on all windows and doors along with metal security grilles and consider triple locks for security doors.

Enjoy Great Views And A Refreshing Breeze

There’s nothing better in retirement than being able to enjoy uninterrupted views from your home accompanied by a cool breeze. With security screens, you can keep your home secure while looking out through an unobstructed view of your surrounds.

They also help you bring the outdoors inside, as doors and windows can be left open without having to worry about pests entering the home. In addition, this improves ventilation in your home and can help you save on your energy bill in the summer by being able to better naturally cool your home.

Fall Prevention

Unlike flyscreens, security screens are strong enough to prevent someone falling through a window or door should they accidentally stumble, trip or fall. Particularly for homes with multiple stories, or where there are windows more than 2 metres above ground, installing security screens is great way to stay safe for young and old alike.

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