What Doors Are Best For Security?

Security doors are your first defence against intruders. Choose well and your security doors will be the only defense you’ll need… against human, as well as insect invaders.

But it turns out, not all security doors are created equally.

What makes a security door secure? Surely they’re all made tough enough to foil the evil intentions of no-gooders?

At Alpha Screens & Glass, we supply and install UlltraSafe Safety Screen Doors. Read on and you’ll see why we love UlltraSafe security doors.

Diamond Grille

We supply and install Diamond Grille Safety Screens. Let’s start here, then work our way up.

Heavy-duty 7mm diamond grille screens are insurance industry-approved, cost-effective and low maintenance. They’ve been presenting a barrier against intruders since the 1970s.

The classic appearance of diamond grille screens may imply a somewhat dated look, but this has been counter-balanced by the introduction of colour to frames and grilles.

Flyscreen mesh is available to keep the bugs out and, along with the basic security benefits, airflow and vision through the grille is appreciated by owners of diamond grille security screens.

The popular choice is for black grilles with frames colour-matched to the window frames. Black does not reflect light, so it tends to disappear in our line of sight. This is why flyscreen meshes are almost exclusively black.

The Stainless Steel Advantage

UlltraSafe stainless steel security screen doors take things to a whole new level in terms of both security and aesthetics.

These doors are strong, consistently surpassing Australian Standards testing. Crossbars are not needed in the construction as the stainless steel mesh has more than enough structural integrity. As a result, the view through the screen is unobstructed.

At Alpha Screens & Glass, we use innovative technology that secures the stainless steel mesh to the aluminium frame without bringing the dissimilar metals in contact. This prevents galvanic corrosion.

The black powder-coating on UlltraSafe security doors is further defence against corrosion. This makes them perfect for both internal and external applications. And, as described previously, non-light-reflective black allows you to see more clearly through it. Vision is much like viewing through normal fly screen.

Stainless steel security screens, being top of the range, are approximately twice the cost of Diamond Grille screens. Considering that your stainless steel security door will be working for you day in, day out, its long-term benefits make it a compelling purchase.

It’s no surprise then that our customers don’t hesitate to opt for stainless steel security screens on doors and windows at the front of their houses. If money’s tight, we can save them money elsewhere in the home, such as in bedrooms, where diamond grille screens will do the job, with the option to upgrade later.

UlltraSafe Security Screens come with a 15 year warranty. They are the real deal.

You can get a quote on security screens for your Sunshine Coast property, by simply contacting us at Alpha Screens & Glass.

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