Why Diamond Grill Security Screens Are Great Value

You want to protect your home and make it as secure as possible, and adding security screen doors to your Sunshine Coast property is one of the best ways to keep out burglars and intruders.

If you want to make sure that you have the very best in security, then Alpha Screens & Glass recommend that you choose to have diamond grill screens.

There are several reasons why this is the best value screen for your home.

Our top reasons

Strength in the grille

The problem with screen doors is that they are usually very easy to cut open with a knife.

If the intruders can gain access to your home by simply cutting a hole through your door, then the screen would not be much use.

Diamond grill screens have a unique pattern that makes the screen stronger, and can be used to deter unwanted intruders from your home.

Bug deterrent

As with most types of security screens, the diamond grill can also be very useful when you are trying to keep bugs away from your home.

During the summer months, having this screen across your door and leaving the other open can be a great way of letting cool air into your home without letting the bugs in too.

Alpha Screens & Glass believe that this is a great way to avoid getting bitten in the summer.

Available in many colours and sizes

Many security screen doors are only available in a very limited variety of sizes and colours, meaning that if you have a house that doesn’t have a standard door size, or if you just plain don’t like the colour of the screen door, then you are out of luck.

However, diamond grill screens can be available in a variety of different colours, designed to match your existing home decor.

They can also be sized to make them suitable for your home.


Perhaps the best reason for choosing to have a diamond grill security screen is that it is one of the most effective options for securing your home cheaply.

With great protection, and when combined with a triple lock aluminium frame to fit the edge of your door, this can be the best choice for affordable home protection.

Get the best security screens

When you want to improve your security with screen doors on the Sunshine Coast, Alpha Screens & Glass can assist you in choosing the perfect screen for your home.

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